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Postage and Handling FAQs

Can you ship to anywhere?
Absolutely! Anywhere. If you have an address, we can ship to you no problem at all.

Where is my order shipped from?
All orders are shipped from Victoria, Australia.

How long will my order take?
For orders within Australia.
Orders are delivered by Australia Post. Delivery times will depend on whether you live in metro or rural areas, or on a teeny island off the coast which is only accessible by rowboat and trained dolphins. For the delivery time to where you live, please use the Australia Post delivery calculator on our website.

For international orders.
Orders are delivered by DHL. Their guide to shipping times is:

New Zealand:  3-5 days.
Asia Pacific:  5-12 days.
Europe:  5-12 days.
USA, Canada, Middle East:  7-12 days.
Rest of the world: 9-12 days.

Can I track my parcel?
Of course you can! All orders are tracked – because knowing ‘how much longer?’ is a lovely thing to know. We get it, so we’ve made sure you can track your delivery from the time it leaves us to the time it gets to you.

For orders within Australia.
You’ll receive an email with a tracking link from Australia Post when your order is on its way.

For international orders.
You’ll receive an email with a tracking link from DHL when your order is on its way. If you don’t receive the email with your tracking link, don’t worry – perhaps it is in your junk folder. To keep tabs on your order, enter your order number (you’ll find this on the confirmation email you received when you first placed your order), with AUBDR in front of it here. So, if your order number is #12345, your tracking number will be AUBDR12345.

When your parcel arrives at the country of destination, it will be transferred from DHL to your local postal authority for delivery to you. Know that DHL will be tracking your parcel for your entire journey, but at this point, you may stop seeing updates on your DHL tracking link until your parcel is delivered to you – but know that it’s very close!