Home Truth #2

That Christians and Muslims in Cyprus once lived in relative harmony  Let me explain. When I asked the elderly subjects I was interviewing for this project ‘to tell me the truth – about how they co-existed with Turkish Cypriots on the island?” they all announced quite convincingly that Muslims and Christians were always friends. “There weren’t any problems,” they remarked. “We talked together, laughed together, ate and drank together, worked together, looked after each other’s properties when required and even celebrated village events together. The only difference was that we went off to…continue reading →

Home Truth #1

Those who had a lot less in life – often seemed more content. Despite the somewhat harsh and somewhat primitive conditions that existed on the island between 1920 and 1950, especially in the rural areas and villages, and despite the poverty, limited infrastructure, difficult life style, demanding working conditions, lack of formal education and public health, limited technology and industry – despite all that and more, people were somewhat content with their lives and appeared to take nothing for granted. In fact, compared to today’s modern-day citizens in our so-called civilized society, the…continue reading →